Welcome to the Ryu Toushi Academy of Martial Arts and Self Defense Training Systems.  Grandmaster Dr. Al Catron and Grandmaster
Dr. Lawrence Day opened the first martial arts dojo in Georgetown Kentucky and Cynthiana Kentucky in the mid 1970's teaching the art of
Shaolin Do.  Having extensive training and knowledge in the arts of Shaolin Do, Ko Sutemi Seiei Kan, and Long GIn Shi (Shotokan),
Grandmaster Al Catron combined these systems to form what is now known as Ryu Toushi.

The art of Ryu Toushi is defined and translates into "Traditional Fighting".  Ryu Toushi offers it's students the traditional kata and fighting
forms while at the same time adapting to the defensive needs of todays ever changing society.  Students not only learn traditional kata
forms, they also learn the hidden techniques each kata represents. The Ryu Toushi Academy of Martial Arts and Self Defense Training
Systems has grown over the years to now offer its students a wide variety of martial arts disciplines from which they can choose to study.  
Some of these disciplines which are described in much more detail throughout this web site include:
-  Ryu Toushi Karate
-  Ninjutsu - Ninpo Bushido Ryu
-  Combative Self Defense Training
-  Ryu Tsumi - Iaido
-  Tai Chi
-  Tai Chi weapons
-  Women and Children Self Defense Training
-  Law and Security Officer Self Defense Training
-  Kyusho and Pressure Point Fighting and Healing
-  Self Improvement Classes / Meditation
We are located at:
Farm, Barn, Field, Woods, Garden Near You
Georgetown, KY 40324
Email:  Ryu Toushi Academy of Martial Arts

Webmaster:  Grandmaster Ed Catron
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We Will Rise Again - God Bless You All
There is a destiny that makes
us brothers:
None goes his way alone;
All that we send into the lives
of others
Comes back into our own
UPDATED April 17, 2013
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